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Munisiacs Love Live Music

Originally dreamt up back in 2006 when we fancied a local night out with some live music and couldn’t find a single venue with live music that night on the internet!  

A short while ago, after over a decade of searching, we still couldn’t find those local venues at short notice, so we decided to create Munisiacs ourselves.

A website which is free to access and advertise for Fans, Artists and Venues to publicise all live music events, whether it be a local busker right through to the highly publicised “Arena” tours of today’s mega stars, everyone is welcome to advertise with us, for free.

We believe that the music scene is ready to explode, even further, and would dearly love to help promote the artists and venues within this genre.

Please help spread the word and if you wish to contact us directly please do, we are always ready to talk about music, and anything else too!


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