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Holloway Road

The first thing you notice about UK duo Holloway Road’s live performance is that it doesn’t look like country music; they’re more baseball caps and trainers than Stetsons and boots. But the sound they make sits somewhere between the country-pop chart and the Nashville songwriting they both grew up listening to.

The second thing you notice is the crowd’s response; Holloway Road have spent the last two years playing throughout the UK & Europe, honing their live show, and as a result they understand the importance of being both a standout name on any lineup and a high energy crowd-pleaser.

Voted UK Country Duo of the Year (2016), they haven’t been afraid to gain momentum while learning their craft - having played the Martin stage at CMA Fest 2015, performed for the Country to Country (C2C) crowds on two consecutive years, written with Jacob Bryant (John & Jacob), partied with Kacey Musgraves, and landed both their EPs in the iTunes country top ten thanks to radio play across the UK for their single ‘Little Harder’ - success in a growing international country scene is increasingly becoming part of the Holloway Road story.

Their latest single 'Where We Are Tonight' marks a turning point for the band, who wanted the song to capture the feel of a live set while retaining the pop sensibilities of their previous studio offering Roots. In their own words: “We're excited to get this single out there - we want to give people a taste of what we have up our sleeves for what's next to come…”

Holloway Road are managed by Lime Tree Music

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