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Jake Morrell Interview

Where and when

We popped in to the The Good Ship, NW6 for our Jake Morrell interview to discuss his activities after appearing at Country to Country 2017 (C2C).  Sipping a soft drink in anticipation of a drive back to his family in Kings Lynn for Easter.

We had the chance to recap on the major country event of the year, C2C and chatted in brief about his plans for 2017.  Our conversation was set against the backdrop of the evening’s entertainment, a brilliant shared line up with Dexeter and The Southern Companion no less.  The camaraderie that exists between hard working UK Country Music artists is kicking, the genuine air of respect and mutual appreciation was so evident.



Jake Morrell interview

In the moment

We chatted about the impact he had on us personally after listening to his live performance on the C2C main entrance stage.  It is without question, as a result of the effect he had on the crowd with his country signature melody, that we should promote Jake as our first Featured Artist for Munisiacs Launch.

We learnt he had been invited to play at C2C following a well-timed music air play by BBC Radio 2’s Dermot O’Leary.  Jake’s journey to C2C followed the treading of the gigging boards, initially exciting his home town of Kings Lynn since 2011, and then UK wide for the last few years.

Jake is known for his solo music however his sound has been firmly established not only as a solo artist but also in partnership with the Jake Morrell Band, formed in 2012.  The band is a traditional established five piece with keyboard, guitar and drums and have had the delight of sharing musical stage with Scouting for Girls, Professor Green and The Brand New Heavies.

The Good Ship, NW6

Jake opened the evening’s entertainment, amidst some initial sound difficulties, brilliantly. Ever the consummate professional, he delivered to the appreciative crowd, an amazing set.

Reasons to listen to ...

...Greenline, New EP

His comprehensive repertoire taken from The Greenline kicks off with my personal favourite. ‘Wire and Thorns’ is a brilliant display of commitment to love, an ask for love to wait and takes the listener on the ‘I wish’ journey.  A beautiful melodic tune and a definite watch out for this one statement.  Leading into ‘Not Too Late for New’, gentle acoustic picks and dulcet harmonious vocals – a puncher of a track. Greenline is a ‘must listen to’ set.

What Next for Jake?

Jake now lives in London, he moved here to take full advantage of the myriad of gigging opportunities the busy capital can offer.  Living in London will facilitate his plan for 2017, as a singer songwriter, to secure a music contract..

Summing up …..

‘Jake Morrell’s desire to deliver, to the UK, his polished authentic passionate performance is refreshing.  Instantly recognisable by his catchy original melodies …. Our man of the moment and our very first Featured Artist’


MUNISIACS APRIL 2017 - Jake Morrell Interview

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