Especially when it’s live music, allowing you to easily connect with friends and make new friends.   Find out what’s going on in your local venues, listen to musical soundbites, check out band details and share the live gigs you fancy catching and most importantly help Musicians to keep it ‘live’.   

Each month in Profiles we will feature a new artist and in the ‘What’s On‘ section will be a full gig list of live acts.

Munisiacs is a website which is free to access for Fans, Artists and Venues to publicise all their music events.  Whether you are a local busker right through to the hugely publicised “Arena” tours of today’s mega stars, everyone is welcome to advertise with us, for free.

Live music creates memories, quite unlike any other experience – start living.

Here’s what we have to offer: 

…a comprehensive listing of  gigs

…spattering of established artists with great things to share

…interviews and general sound bites to whet the musical appetite